Day 1: Arrive to Addis Ababa / city tour 

You will be picked up and taken to your chosen hotel. you will have a tour of the capital, visiting Entoto mountain with its views over the city, the National and Ethnographic museums, St George's Church and the Mercato, which is the biggest open-air market in Africa.

Meal: Breakfast /Lunch /Dinner - Overnight Hotel

Day 2: Fly to Bahir Dar

We will visit the spectacular Blue Nile Falls, which are about an hour's drive from your hotel. In the afternoon, we will visit Lake Tana and you will travel by boat to visit the beautiful churches on its islands, such as Ura Kidane Mehret and Azwa Mariam.

Meal: Breakfast /Lunch /Dinner - Overnight Hotel

Day 3: Drive to Gonder

In the morning, we will make the 2-hour drive to Gonder, passing magnificent landscapes on the way as well as Lake Tana and villages of the Amhara people. After lunch at your hotel, we will visit the castles, the Debre Birhan Sellasie (light of Trinity) Church with wonderful murals, King Fasiladas's bath and Empress Mentewab's palace.

Meal: Breakfast /Lunch /Dinner - Overnight Hotel

Day 4: Fly to Lalibela

After driving to the airport, you will fly to Lalibela. In the afternoon, you will visit the rock-hewn churches, described as the eighth wonder of the world.

Meal: Breakfast /Lunch /Dinner - Overnight Hotel

Day 5: Lalibela

In the morning you can either visit the Naktuleab cave church by car, or you can choose to walk (or ride a mule) to the Asheten Mariam Church,which has spectacular views, too. In the afternoon you will visit the churches in the town, and take part in a traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremony, which is central to Ethiopian culture.

Meal: Breakfast /Lunch /Dinner - Overnight Hotel

Day 6: Fly to Axum

After driving to the airport, you will fly to Axum. In the afternoon you can visit the impressive steles, St Mary of Tsion Church (where legend says the Ark of Covenant is kept), the Queen of Sheba's palace, and more.

Meal: Breakfast /Lunch /Dinner - Overnight Hotel

Day 7: Fly to Addis Ababa

Arrive in Addis in the afternoon optional possible to do a short time shopping in a Grand Market called Merkato. on evening farewell dinner at traditional Ethiopian restaurant where you will have chance to wines traditional dance and music.Meal: Breakfast /Lunch /Dinner - Overnight Hotel